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Arne Jacobsen

Famous Chair Designer Arne Jacobsen Black and White Banner


Born 1902, Copenhagen

Died 1971

Practised in Denmark

Studied Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

Architectural Functionalism

Arne Jacobsen was born in Copenhagen in 1902.

His father was a wholesale trader and his mother a bank teller who painted in her spare time.

At first, Jacobsen hoped to become a painter but his father encouraged him to choose something more steadfast, like architecture. Jacobsen relented and studied architecture from 1924 until 1927.

In 1925, when Jacobsen was still a student he won a silver medal for a chair design at the Paris Art Deco fair. On his trip to Paris, Jacobsen was struck by inspiration by works from Le Corbusier. Before returning to school, Jacobsen went to Germany where he became acquainted with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s work.

In 1930, Jacobsen set up his own studio. He was commissioned for many works throughout Denmark. Although he is often remembered firstly for his contributions to furniture, Jacobsen saw himself first and foremost as an architect.

Despite some early success in 1925, his interest in furniture design peaked in the 1950’s. His famous Swan and Egg chairs were both designed in 1956.

Arne Jacobsen died suddenly in 1971. His uncompleted works were finished by his former key employees.

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