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Sean Dare

Chair Designer Sean Dare


Born 1975, Somerset in England

Practises in the United Kingdom

Studied Furniture design and Business at Bournemouth University

Daring to be Different

At age 18 it became clear to Sean Dare that he wasn’t going to fulfil his childhood dream of being Porsche’s next car designer. In search of another career path, he was inspired by his mother’s hobby – collecting furniture.

“I saw the inherent quality and elegance in the pieces she desired and saved for. These pieces still grace her home now some 30 years later, which is testament to considered, well-made furniture, something that I now try to convey in my own pieces.”

It was this subliminal encouragement into the appreciation of furniture that dictated Sean Dare’s path into furniture design. The Brighton-based designer does not want to be the best in the world, “I just want to make nice bits of furniture that people delight in using”.

After graduating from Bournemouth University, Sean Dare spent fifteen years designing products for a number of leading retailers and manufacturers. Hungry for autonomy and freedom, he set up his own furniture company in 2009.

Many referred to the launch of his own company as a sort of publicity stunt or gamble. It has become a family enterprise; Sean’s sister and mother play pivotal roles in the company, as does Sean’s wife, Sarah, an artist who is heavily involved in colour and fabric selection and the curating of exhibitions. Admitting that he invested “everything – absolutely everything” into this venture, it is fortunate that his daring decision has paid off.

Since its launch, his studio’s furniture has been a revelation. Their clients include high-end retailers, architects and interior designers the world over.

Dare strives to be different, utilizing a range of less conventional materials and manufacturing techniques. Each piece is crafted in the hope that it will be considered as an heirloom, enjoyed by generations to come.

His designs tell a story – of his early childhood in Zambia, his love for 1950’s furniture, a nostalgia for traditional methods of craftsmanship, an emphasis on the power of collaboration and a desire to always have a personal affinity with the pieces he creates.

He strives to create timeless future classics and describes his approach simply, “I’m just doing a Sean Dare version of the furniture I love”.

His creations have a characteristic mid-century feel to it, represented by clean, flowing lines, gentle curves, juxtaposed materials, and minimal embellishment.

Dare places great emphasis on the entire furniture making process. He set up the South Coast Furniture Initiative at Brighton University which aims to bring together all the elements of the furniture industry: design, manufacturing, engineering, testing, and styling. His pieces are hand-crafted in the UK, he uses sustainable timbers and he is committed to conserving resources and minimising its impact on the environment, reducing waste and harmful emissions.

He is influenced by a combination of Japanese, Danish and architectural styles.  His style is unfussy, modern and minimal. Not interested in fads or fleeting trends, he believes in designing long-lasting furniture pieces that reflect a defined, clean aesthetic.

His high standards have paid off and earned him and his team four prestigious Design Guild Marks, which is awarded to recognise the highest standards in the design and production of furniture in Britain.

The motto of his studio is “Created with purpose, crafted with pride”. By merging industrial production with the finest craftsmanship, Sean Dare has harnessed the ability to offer his customers bespoke flexibility to suit their specific requirements- resulting in truly unique pieces.



  • KATAKANA Dining Chair
  • VITO Bar Stool
  • ALMA Dining Chair
  • WIRE Low Stool
  • MAYA Desk
  • OXBOW Lounge Chair
  • KATAKANA Lounge Chair
  • EARNEST Sofa
  • ELLA Sofa
  • FRIDA Lounge Chair
  • HARDY Wing Back Chair
  • BRONTE Chair
  • RILEY Coffee Table
  • WIRE Coffee Table
  • WALDRON Dining Table
  • NORTON Dining Table
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