Are you a South African-based architect or architectural firm on the lookout for designer chairs but finding it tough to source them or require help with recommendations and inspiration for your next design? Step into a new creative sanctuary, the Designer Chair Warehouse, which is perfect for architects looking to breathe life into their designs or to help translate concepts into practical examples for clients. 

When you’re not wowing your clientele with projects, showcase your unique styles in and around the office with a signature piece. Forget cookie-cutter furniture that blends into the background. Here, you’ll find a curated ensemble of designer chairs ready to take centre stage in your next masterpieces.

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We have a host of designer chairs to fit your every need, from lounge chairs that are perfect for reclining to centrepieces for your office and study, all the way to the dinner table.

No Lounging around

  • Sculptural accents: Sculptural silhouettes and unexpected forms that push the boundaries of design. Imagine leather cantilever chairs floating in a minimalist living space, or velvet club chairs nestled in a cozy reading nook.
  • Global inspirations: From Danish hygge to Italian elegance, let your chairs whisper tales of faraway lands. Picture woven rattan dining chairs transporting guests to a Balinese oasis, or mid-century modern armchairs adding a touch of Mad Men swagger to your lobby.
  • Material masterpieces: Leather that whispers luxury, wood that exudes warmth, and fabrics that play with texture. Envision sleek chrome frames echoing the gleam of your steel beams, or natural wood grains mirroring the organic flow of your landscape designs.

Dine on our designer chairs

  • Statement settings: Craft dining experiences that linger long after the last bite. Picture sculptural dining chairs around a glass-topped table, reflecting the city lights like a modern chandelier. Or imagine handcrafted wooden chairs adding warmth and texture to a rustic farmhouse feast.
  • Conversation catalysts: Chairs that spark interaction, not just admiration. Envision ergonomic designs that encourage lively dialogues, or modular seating arrangements that adapt to any flow of conversation.
  • Tailored to your vision: No cookie-cutter sets here. Mix and match from our diverse collection to create a dining ensemble that’s as unique as your blueprints.

Display your discerning eye

  • Artful adornments: Let your chairs be the talking point, not just seating solutions. Picture a vintage Eames chair gracing your office lobby, or a futuristic acrylic pod suspended under your soaring atrium.
  • Curated collections: Showcase your design prowess with meticulously chosen pieces. Imagine a rotating exhibit of iconic chairs, each a testament to your discerning taste.
  • Functional focal points: Our chairs don’t just look good; they’re built to last. Use them as statement pieces in waiting rooms, break rooms, or even as conversation starters in your own home.

Beyond the beauty

  • Quality you can build on: Our chairs are meticulously crafted from premium materials, engineered to withstand the wear and tear of high-traffic spaces.
  • Expertise at your fingertips: Our team of design consultants is here to guide you, from interpreting your vision to suggesting the perfect pieces to complement your project.
  • Competitive pricing: Elevate your spaces without breaking the bank. We offer competitive prices and bulk discounts for architects and designers.

Ready to let your design dreams take flight? 

Explore our virtual showroom, visit our Cape Town warehouse, or contact our dedicated team to curate the perfect collection for your next project.