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Cover Dining Chair


Thomas Bentzen
Cover Dining Chair Clear Background Front View

Cover Dining Chair


Thomas Bentzen
Cover Dining Chair Front View
Thomas Bentzen took a classic wooden armchair and experimented around its design for three years, to find this beautiful new expression of sleek simplicity. Four solid wood legs bring structure and solidity, while the bent pressed wood forming the backrest and folding over the arms feel light and effortless, despite its technical production difficulty. A wide convex seat assures that the chair is equally comfortable and appropriate for dining, studying or lounging.

“We have this whole Scandinavian heritage to build upon, but we should also try to do design things in new ways, ways that fit our time.”

Thomas Bentzen
Cover Dining Chair Front View

The Cover Chair is a future classic. 

 In 2019 it was showcased in the Three Days of Design fair in Copenhagen alongside many remarkable furniture creations.

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Innovative Comfort

The Cover Chair offers a comfortable dining design in clean and classic wood. The curving backrest flows seamlessly into the armrests, pleasantly supporting the individual’s back whether in an upright position or lounged and relaxed while seated in the chair.

Quality and Craftsmanship
The chair’s legs are made of sturdy, solid oak wood and no metal is used in its production. The frame consists of layers of thin pressed wood, a smooth and lightweight product. The clever fold of veneer over the arms and legs leave no screws visible, and adds to both the structural integrity and comfort of the chair.
Thomas Bentzen
Thomas Bentzen graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Design in 2003. Even before graduation, Bentzen and three fellow students established the REMOVE design group. They were invited to assist in the design of a café at the Danish Design Centre. In 2010 Bentzen founded his own industrial design studio, taking inspiration from Danish design tradition but pushing limits with regards to material and manufacturing processes. Prototyping and model making are key to his design process. His core ideals include creating simple, useful and durable products that stimulate curiosity, and are still beautiful while not in use.
“Veneer is one of my favorite materials when it comes to furniture.”
Thomas Bentzen
Product Literature
The Cover Chair is entirely made of polyurethane lacquered, form pressed oak. The wood veneer is folded over the legs and backrest of the chair. This technical innovation of layering wood secures the chair together – no metal is used. Oak is a hardwood, therefore, the frame is extremely durable. By covering the wood with a polyurethane coating, the strength is enhanced. Polyurethane is also resistant to heat, chemicals, and wear and tear. The coating gives the chair a lustrous finish, deepening the wood’s color. Our reproduction stays true to the original specifications of the design.
Product Materials

Frame: Polyurethane lacquered oak, form-pressed wood with a veneer finish 

Product Dimensions

Height: 76 cm 

Width: 57 cm  

Depth: 46 cm 

Seat Height: 46 cm 

Armrest height: 69cm 

Carrying weight: 130kg 

Weight as shipped: 5 kg

Care Instructions

Polyurethane Lacquered Oak:  Wipe dry with a dry, soft cloth in the direction  of the wood grain.  Clean the surface  periodically  with a soft cloth dampened with a quality cleaner formulated for wood furniture.  Liquid spills should be immediately dabbed dry and wiped off. Make sure that your  wood veneer furniture is not positioned close to heat sources, so that it does not dry out and become brittle.  We recommend that  wood veneer products should  not  be  exposed to intense sunlight  for prolonged periods of time as  ultra-violet rays may eventually damage the finish.

Do not use an abrasive material on the  wood veneer.

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