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Thomas Chair


Antonio Citterio

Thomas Chair


Antonio Citterio
Thomas Chair Grey Front View
The seat of the Thomas armchair forms a substantial block which rises high from the ground, like a throne. The detail of the beautiful wooden joinery and the sweeping curve of the backrest creates a strikingly original piece of generous proportions which somewhat resembles a large ottoman with a wooden backrest. The piece is a solid and sturdy and will compliment any room.

“I make things for myself. If I won’t surround myself with these things, I don’t make them.”

Antonio Citterio
Thomas Chair Grey Front View

Antonio Citterio is one of the biggest names in modern architecture and design. His work is included in the permanent collections of New York’s Museum of Modern Art and the French National Museum of Modern Art.  

Used in Bulgari Hotels around the world, the Thomas armchair was included in Singapore’s Business Times’ list of classic furniture pieces to invest in. 

Citterio has twice been awarded the Compasso d’Oro prize, Italy’s highest honour in industrial design. He has also been awarded Britain’s highest honour for design, the title of Honorary Royal Designer for Industry by the Royal Society of Art 

In 2002, Interior Design magazine inducted him into its Hall of Fame.

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Designed for Comfort

The polyurethane cushion is double the thickness of that which would be found in a regular chair. The curved backrest is slanted in a design which aids the posture of the individual, thereby ensuring optimal comfort.

Quality and Craftsmanship
The Thomas Chair is exceptionally sturdy. The wooden base has a low center of gravity and the short, sturdy legs provide exceptional carrying capacity. The Dacron batting inside the cushion covers reduces the friction of the foam against the fabric and therefore wear on the fabric. Cushion covers are removable for practicality. The Thomas chair is as suitable in the busy lobby of a 5-star hotel as it is in the private residence of the most discerning individual.
Antonio Citterio
Antonio Citterio was born in Meda, Italy in 1950. He opened his own architectural studio in 1972 and completed his architectural studies at the Polytechnic University of Milan in 1975. Between 1987 and 1996, he designed buildings across Europe and Japan with Terry Dawn. Since 2000, Citterio has collaborated with Patricia Viel, working on architectural, interior design and graphics projects the world over.
“I like to work on products that are developed over time. I don’t like to work just for the moment.”
Antonio Citterio
Product Literature
The sturdy frame is carefully crafted from stained teak wood. The polyurethane cushion is 300mm thick and has Dacron batting to reduce friction between foam and fabric, thereby reducing wear. The upholstery is the finest quality New wool (90%) and Helanca (10%) mix, or New wool (70%) and Viscose (30%) mix. Both varieties have a Martindale durability test score rating of 100 000 rubs, Pilling: 3, Lightfastness: 6. Our reproduction of the Thomas chair stays true to the original specifications
Product Materials

Frame: Lacquered teak 

Chair upholsteryRemovable fabric – New wool (90%) and Helanca (10%) mix, or New wool (70%) and Viscose (30%) mix. 

Cushioning300mm thick Polyurethane foam with Dacron batting

Product Dimensions

Height: 66cm 

Width: 69cm 

Depth: 64cm 

Seat height: 41cm 

Carrying weight: 150kg 

Weight as shipped35kg


Care Instructions

Wood: Wipe dry with a dry, soft cloth in the direction  of the wood grain.  Clean the surface  periodically  with a soft cloth dampened with a quality cleaner formulated for wood furniture.  Liquid spills should be immediately dabbed dry and wiped off. Make sure that your  wood furniture is not positioned close to heat sources, so that it does not dry out and become brittle.  We recommend that  wood products should  not  be  exposed to intense sunlight  for prolonged periods of time as ultra-violet rays may eventually damage the finish. 

Do not use an abrasive material on the   wood.  

Fabric upholstery:  Regular cleaning is important in order to keep the  fabric  looking its best and  will  prolong its life. Dust and dirt wear down the  fabric  and  also  reduce its  dirt-retardant properties. Vacuum frequently, ideally every  other  week, at half power. Wipe  the  fabric with a dry or moist  (but not soaking)  cloth. May also be vacuum cleaned with a soft brush. Keep  fabric  away from direct sunlight and extreme heat.  


Stain removal:  Act quickly.  Remove any  liquids  with  an absorbent napkin or cloth. Gently scrape away any   residue with a spoon.  Vacuum away any loose particles. Remove non-greasy stains by carefully dabbing with a lint-free cloth or sponge wrung out in warm water. Edge marks can be avoided by dabbing gently in circular motions towards the  centre  of the stain with a clean lint-free cloth. Remove greasy stains by using appropriate detergents or solvents. Always  test stain-removal agents on an inconspicuous area first to see if there is any effect on the  fabric.  

Allow the fabric to  dry fully before  resuming  use. Low-intensity  use of a  hairdryer  may  avoid  enduring  edge  marks.  

Professional cleaning:  Use a reputable service provider. A pH-neutral carbon dioxide cleaning solution is recommended as it avoids the use of soap.   Appropriate maintenance and regular cleaning can prolong the textile’s life.  Regular maintenance and cleaning removes dirt before it settles in the fabric and damages the fibers.  Upholstered furniture  in  normal commercial use should be cleaned  professionally  at least twice  a year.  Upholstered furniture  in private households  should be cleaned professionally once a year. 

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