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Platner Chair Model 1725 A


Warren Platner
Front View of the Platner Chrome Leather Chair In White

Platner Chair Model 1725 A


Warren Platner
Front View Of The Plattner Model Chair
In 1966, Platner’s wire collection epitomised a slow but sure evolution of modernist furniture from the strict adherence to simple form and function to also allow for a more decorative expression. Innovative use of new materials into sleek and graceful shapes created a distinctive chair with an almost whimsical allusion to a gentle softness, belying the strong hard qualities of the metal wire used to create it.

“A classic design is something that every time you look at it, you accept it as it is and you see no way of improving it.”

Warren Platner
Front View Of The Plattner Model Chair

Platner’s Arm Chair design was awarded the American Institute of Architects International Award in 1966. 

Platner was inducted into Interior Design magazine’s Hall of Fame in 1985. 

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Exceptional Comfort

The unique shape of the Platner chair provides ample seating space for the individual. The armchair is furnished with a leather cushion backrest, amply filled with polyurethane foam. Because of the unusual, but signature, large dimensions, the Warren Platner armchair offers a pleasant seat combining comfort and striking good looks.

Quality and Craftsmanship
Constructed from bent steel rods, this chair is strong and will last decades due to the quality materials used and the craftsmanship employed in its construction. Dense polyurethane foam is used for the seat and the backrest which doubles as an armrest. The cushions are upholstered in top grain Italian leather.
Warren Platner
Platner was born in Baltimore in 1919. After completing his degree in architecture at Cornell University, he worked for Eero Saarinen and IM Pei (who designed the pyramid at the Louvre). In 1967 he opened his own firm in New Haven and was soon highly regarded and in demand for design of interiors, furniture, lighting and textiles. Some of his most notable architectural works include the Ford Foundation HQ, the Georg Jensen Design Center and the Windows on the World restaurant in NYC, which encapsulated his signature ‘sensuous modernism’.
“I felt there was room for the kind of decorative, gentle, graceful design that appeared in a period style like Louis XV.”
Warren Platner
Product Literature
The Platner Arm chair’s unique, harmonious forms are created by welding hundreds of curved vertical steel rods to circular frames. The base is constructed of vertical steel rods welded to circular horizontal and edge-framing rods. The seat shell is molded fiberglass with molded latex foam cushions luxuriously upholstered in supple, smooth top grain Italian leather. The seat cushion has a zipper cover and is attached with velcro. A clear plastic extrusion ring is added on the bottom of the base for a smooth foot surface. Our reproduction of the Platner chair stays true to the original specifications.
Product Materials

Frame: Stainless steel rods 

UpholsteryTop grain Italian leather 

Cushioning: Polyurethane foam 

Product Dimensions

Height: 75 cm 

Width73 cm 

Depth: 58 cm 

Seat height: 49 cm  

Carrying weight: 140kg 

 Weight as shipped: 18 kg 


Care Instructions

Leather Occasionally remove dust from the leather with a damp, lint-free cloth. Small soiled spots can be gently removed with a  colourless  eraser. Liquid spills should be immediately dabbed dry and wiped off with a little water. Once a year, the leather should be treated with a special leather care product, but never with any type of strong cleansing agent. Only use quality leather products which do not leave residue. Oily build-up on the leather makes it susceptible to bacteria, which can destroy the leather. Clean the stitching with a soft-bristle brush. 

Make sure that your leather furniture is not positioned close to heat sources, so that it does not dry out and become brittle. In addition, we recommend that leather surfaces are not permanently exposed to intense sunlight, because direct sunlight over an extended time period can diminish the quality of the leather. 

Leather can be treated occasionally with conditioners to keep it in its original state. Liquid spills should be blotted up immediately, not wiped. For daily cleaning, dust leather with a soft cloth.

Metal Do not use an abrasive material on the metal. Clean the item with a mild detergent and water. Dilute in the mild detergent in water so it is not too harsh on the metal. You can dip a soft-bristled toothbrush in the solution or a non-abrasive pad and use it to scrub off any residue or dirt on the item. Scrub the item with a soft toothbrush or a non-abrasive pad. Dry any residual moisture with a soft, dry cloth. 

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