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Ox Chair


Hans Wegner

Ox Chair


Hans Wegner
The Ox Chair and matching footstool in black
Wegner’s fascination with Picasso inspired him to do this sculptural and powerful chair. The large, tubular “horns” and general bulk of this chair give it its English name, Ox Chair. In Danish, it is called the Pållestolen, which translates as Bolster or Pillow Chair. The form looks like a chromed steel and leather update of the English wing armchair. It was designed to be positioned towards the middle of a room, away from any walls, so it would be viewed as a sculpturally whole object. It is the essence of masculinity. Since its birth in 1960, the Ox Chair has found itself on many a list of iconic furniture must-haves.

“We must take care that everything doesn’t get so dreadfully serious.”

Hans Wegner
The Ox Chair and matching footstool in black

The Ox Chair was Doctor Evil’s seat of power in the 1997 motion picture Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. 

The Ox chair has won many prestigious awards and is exhibited worldwide.  

The Ox chair is believed to have been the favorite at home of designer Hans Wegner due to its unparalleled comfort. Quite a feat, considering he designed some 500 chairs in his lifetime.  

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Classic Comfort

The slanting armrests and liberal backrest affords the chair a majestic appeal. The form of the chair allows the individual to lounge in a multitude of positions. The cylindrical curving headrest was so designed that when the individual turns sideways and drapes a leg over the armrest, she can still comfortably rest her head against the headrest. The extreme level of comfort can be attributed to the high-density polyurethane foam that encases the shell of the chair. Supple, soft to the touch, top grain Italian leather covers the chair.

Quality and Craftsmanship
The chair rests on a strong stainless steel frame made of circular tubes. The Ox chair is mostly handcrafted, only the inner shell is made using CNC machinery. Molded polyurethane foam is used to shape the chair into a comfortable easy chair. Top grain Italian leather is treated carefully and used to upholster the Ox chair. Leather piping is used to add the final touches to the chair.
Hans J. Wegner, born in Tonder in Denmark in 1914, was amongst the most prolific Danish designers, helping to establish the popularity of midcentury Scandinavian design. In his lifetime he designed more than 500 chairs, of which more than 100 went into mass production. He had done an apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker which gave him a profound insight into working with wood. By the end of his career, Wegner had received nearly all the major recognitions awarded to designers.
“A good chair is a task one is never completely done with.”
Hans Wegner
Product Literature
The inner shell is manufactured from multiple pieces of Birchwood all connected by dowels. The frame is made using modern wood bending techniques and CNC machinery for the routing. The upholstering of the Ox chair is incredibly challenging and takes master craftsmen an entire day to do. Chromium plated stainless steel legs support the chair. Our reproduction of the Ox chair stays true to the original specifications. 
Product Materials

Inner shell: Birchwood 

UpholsteryTop grain Italian Leather 

Cushioning: Polyurethane foam 

Frame: Chromium plated stainless steel 

Product Dimensions

Height: 90cm 

Width: 99cm 

Depth: 99cm 

Seat height: 36cm 

Carrying weight: 150kg 



Height: 36cm 

Width: 75cm 

Depth: 55cm 


Weight as shipped: 80kg 

Care Instructions

Leather Occasionally remove dust from the leather with a damp, lint-free cloth. Small soiled spots can be gently removed with a  colourless   eraser. Liquid spills should be immediately dabbed dry and wiped off with a little water. Once a year, the leather should be treated with a special leather care product, but never with any type of strong cleansing agent. Only use quality leather products which do not leave residue. Oily build-up on the leather makes it susceptible to bacteria, which can destroy the leather. Clean the stitching with a soft-bristle brush.

Make sure that your leather furniture is not positioned close to heat sources, so that it does not dry out and become brittle. In addition, we recommend that leather surfaces are not permanently exposed to intense sunlight, because direct sunlight over an extended time period can diminish the quality of the leather.

Leather can be treated occasionally with conditioners to keep it in its original state. Liquid spills should be blotted up immediately, not wiped. For daily cleaning, dust leather with a soft cloth.

Metal Do not use an abrasive material on the metal. Clean the item with a mild detergent and water. Dilute in the mild detergent in water so it is not too harsh on the metal. You can dip a soft-bristled toothbrush in the solution or a non-abrasive pad and use it to scrub off any residue or dirt on the item. Scrub the item with a soft toothbrush or a non-abrasive pad. Dry any residual moisture with a soft, dry cloth. 

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